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Zen Stretch is a moving meditation program designed to increase flexibility, rang of motion and muscular stability of the body. It is composed of 81 isometric contractions performed in a specific sequence. The movements are coordinated with 463 extended diaphragmatic breaths designed to stimulate peristaltic movement through the digestive tract, healing all types of digestive disfunction. By combining extended diaphragmatic breath with intense contraction of muscle groups, the mind is connected to the moment, turning the physical workout into a moving meditation.


 Friday @ 11:30am

Monday @ 7:30pm

The Yoga Sanctuary

95 Danforth Ave. suite 301




For your next corporate retreat, conference or workshop. Motivate, educate and enlighten your clients & staff, as to the pain they create in their lives by the way they think, breathe and move.

Health, Happiness & the Mind the Creates It

1.5 hours

Examines the mental and emotional pain we create in our lives by the way we think, breathe and move.


Pain is a Product of Behaviour

1.5 hours

An interactive workshop examining the 10 most common areas of the body where we experience physical pain. This partner based workshop will not only teach you how and why different areas of the body experience pain, but will also teach simple techniques to heal yourself and your loved ones from it.

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