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      Qi Gong (pronounced Chee Gong) has been used in China as a preventative health methodology for nearly five thousand years. As the basis of Traditional Chinese medicine, Qi Gong is a simple, yet highly effective means of maintaining balanced health of the internal organs, physical body and most importantly, the mind.


     There are over 3600 different Qi Gong styles, Tai Qi, being one of the most well known. In essence, Qi Gong is composed of soft, slow, calisthenic (body weight) movements designed to stimulate the fourteen major acupuncture meridians of the body, which in turn, have a corresponding effect on the internal organs. The true healing power of Qi Gong is it’s effect on the mind. As Qi Gong is performed, the mind is engaged in specific visualizations, coordinated with specific breathing patterns. In doing so, the physical movements become a moving meditation.

     As Qi Gong’s movements are performed in a slow and gentle fashion, this exercise program is applicable to almost all walks of life and levels of fitness.


     In addition, Qi Gong will aid in the healing of any internal organ damage or disease. It is also a very effective means to control body weight by increasing energy flow and decreasing fat storage (stagnant energy) in the body.


"It is by combining the Mind, Breath, and Body, that health and happiness can finally be achieved and sustained."

Performed on a regular bases, Qi Gong can help to heal a variety of health concerns:


Mental & Emotional Stress & Anxiety

Digestive Issues (IBS, Crones & Colitis)

Arthritis & Joint Pain & Degeneration


Held the last Monday of the month

7:30 - 8:45pm @ the Yoga Sanctuary

95 Danforth Ave. suite 301


1 to 4 people

@ the Yoga Sanctuary

95 Danforth Ave. suite 301

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